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Earthwatch is an international environmental nonprofit organization that funds field expeditions in more than 50 countries.

Earthwatch expeditions provide individuals with opportunities to participate in hands-on scientific research all over the world. We also partners with schools, businesses, governments, and other philanthropic organizations to enable a broad range of people to learn and change the world through our experiential model.

Staff members at Earthwatch develop, manage, market, and recruit for our varied expeditions, programs, and partnerships. Earthwatch does not employ the scientists or research staff that runs the expeditions we support; they generally work for universities or other research institutions.

We currently have the following positions available.

Online Intern - Freshwater Research Learning

10 October 2014

Background: Fresh water is an issue that affects every single person on this planet, and yet there are varying levels of awareness among global communities of issues surrounding water availability, quality and footprint. FreshWater Watch is a global, fresh water research and engagement programme. It aims to catalyse a shift in knowledge and understanding of global water management; from raising public awareness, through to global monitoring of water quality and biodiversity, improving fresh water management and increasing provision of water supply and sanitation. The programme will include a range of opportunities to learn about fresh water through citizen science and an online learning portal that will contribute to global fresh water monitoring research. The online portal will engage users in information and tasks which encourage active interaction with the environment and fresh water, and give people a clear insight into the interaction between humans and the environment. Pos

Research Intern - GIS

05 September 2014

Earthwatch is looking for an intern to work in the Research Team for up to 6 months, based in Oxford. The main responsibilities will be Aquatic ecosystem analysis and GIS development.

Earthwatch is an equal opportunity employer.


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