Discover Earth

Discover Earth

Sign up to our free, fully funded Discover Earth programme. Our specialist Learning Team will lead lessons on how students can achieve a more sustainable planet. Discover Earth uses the national curriculum and Sustainable Development Goals to bring science and climate change to life in the outdoors.

Sign up to hear about Discover Earth availability in the new academic year, from September 2017 to July 2018.

Discover Earth
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What Discover Earth offers


Teachers will gain the skills, resources and confidence to engage students outdoors, and enable them to reconnect to their planet.


Get hands on with Earthwatch's Earthworm Watch, FreshWater Watch and Teabag Index citizen science projects.


Students and teachers will have the opportunity to collect scientific data that will make a direct contribution to achieving the SDGs.

What are the SDGs?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – more commonly known as the SDGs – were launched in September 2015.

They represent an ambitious, integrated framework aiming to end poverty, protect our planet, and ensure future prosperity by 2030.

The 15-year ambition of the SDGs means that young people today will live in a world shaped by their legacy. Now is the perfect time to support teachers to empower their students to understand their impact on their planet and take action to protect it.

Discover Earth activities

Students can investigate the health of global freshwater ecosystems on a scale never seen before. Collecting water quality data at their local water-bodies, students can help researchers understand how humans are influencing the health of our fresh water.

We depend on healthy soils, and earthworms keep soils healthy. Earthworm Watch enables students to develop scientific literacy skills linked to the Science National Curriculum through hands-on experiences categorising earthworms and soils, taking part in a real scientific enquiry.

Students can investigate decomposition processes vital to plants, soil and the environment with The Teabag Index, an accessible project to bring this vital ecosystem process to life.

Discover Earth is free of charge — this programme is supported by Aramco.