Student Expeditions

Student Expeditions

Our expeditions nurture skills in research, problem-solving, and leadership, as well as inspiring new generations of leaders to engage with science and gain practical hands-on experience in the working world.

Student Expeditions
Bethany Nagle on the Climate and Landscape Change in Borneo’s Rainforest project

Inspiring experiences shaping futures

17-year-old Bethany Nagle spent two weeks in Malaysia as part of a student expedition on the Climate and Landscape Change in Borneo’s Rainforest project.

She was part of a team collecting data for one of the largest scientific investigations into forest ecology and restoration – the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment.

Bethany describes the experience as something that “changed my view of many things forever”. She added: “Getting to see and experience a rainforest first-hand was incredible. We saw the effect that decades of logging had had on the landscape and learnt how vital it was to study the impact it was having.

“Before I went I didn’t really believe that one person – especially a young student – could make a difference but once I was there I knew that I could. I knew that the data I was collecting and the measurements I was taking would help to protect the forest.”

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