Bush Blitz Discovers Almost 650 New Species
Bush Blitz Discovers Almost 650 New Species
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Bush Blitz Discovers Almost 650 New Species

It is estimated that as much as 75 percent of Australia’s unique biodiversity - its plants and animals and the ecosystems of which they are part - has yet to be documented. This lack of information impedes conservation and resource planning and makes a response to global challenges such as climate change difficult.

In 2009, BHP Billiton partnered with Earthwatch and the Australian Biological Resources Study (a program within the Australian government) to develop the Bush Blitz program. To date, Bush Blitz scientists and BHP Billiton employees - working in the field as volunteer research assistants - have discovered almost 650 species new to science.  These include 216 species of true bugs, 106 species of spiders and scorpions, 36 species of bees, and 12 species of vascular plants.

This journey of scientific discovery has been inspiring and exciting while also providing critical data to conserve our nation’s biodiversity.

In 2013, Bush Blitz will launch a pilot of the TeachLive program to bring together this exciting conservation initiative with a unique educational program. Not only will teachers have access to an innovative professional development opportunity, they will be able to teach live back to their students from the stunning Henbury Station in the Northern Territory, where the Bush Blitz TeachLive survey will take place.

For more information visit Bush Blitz.

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