India Launches Teach Earth Program in the Himalayas
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India Launches Teach Earth Program in the Himalayas

The five-day residential program for teachers, held at the GBPIHED Institute field station at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, enabled teachers to get firsthand experience of field research on the role of pollinators in agricultural sustainability and maintenance of biodiversity.

At the field site, the teachers participated in an intensive research and learning program, contributing to cutting-edge scientific field research while simultaneously exploring the role of education in addressing global challenges and examining the best strategies for the teaching of environmental issues, supported by expert scientists and facilitators.

The teachers participated along with leading scientists in:

  • Surveying and sampling of biodiversity
  • Monitoring phenology of selected species
  • Data collection on ecosystem services
  • Surveying to understand the dependency of communities on natural ecosystems

The program provided an excellent opportunity for teachers to use field experience to initiate enquiry-based learning on environmental sustainability for their students upon their return.

The facilitated sessions on environmental education equipped the teachers with the knowledge, skills, and positive attitude to implement environmental education effectively.

“I learnt the importance to protect and to do something for our planet and to pass this message to our future generation as a teacher. The learning sessions guided me to think of how I intend to do this in a systematic way and with a scientific approach.”—Teacher participant at Kullu
What’s It All About?
Teach Earth  is a journey of learning and discovery that inspires teachers through a unique combination of hands-on climate change research and learning about education for the environment.

Teach Earth operates on the principle that truly embedded learning comes from direct personal experience. The program engages teachers’ hearts, hands, and minds by connecting them personally to science and nature at an Earthwatch Research Centre.

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