International River Symposium
International River Symposium
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International River Symposium

The International River Symposium took place in New Delhi from Sept 12th -14th. River managers, policy developers, scientists, consultants, NGOs and community organizations attended the  information and knowledge exchange conference. Sessions and presentations ranging from hydropower, to river restoration, to policy and governance were given.

Jonathan Ho, Earthwatch Hong Kong spoke on the FreshWater Watch citizen science model in a community engagement seminar. He was joined by Dr Pradeep Mehta, Earthwatch India who presented Monitoring River Ecosystems Through Citizen Science and Digital Tools in the innovation seminar. The two presentations highlighted the importance and the benefits of engaging communities and use of digital medium to solve environment problems.

Citizen science, particularly the FreshWater Watch model with numerous ministries, corporations and NGO’s discussing opportunities with the Earthwatch reprensentatives.  

Read the abstracts to Jonathan and Pradeep's presentations.

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